Crisis Communications Plans with Crisis Expert Gerard Braud

Write and Complete a World-Class Crisis Communications Plan in the Two Most Intense and Productive Days of Your Career

Save Time – Save Money
…And we can customize your new crisis communications plan in your office with your staff.

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You need a Crisis Communications Plan, but you don’t have time to write one on your. Perhaps you are uncertain about having the expertise to do it correctly. Maybe you need a Crisis Communication Plan, but every price you’ve gotten from an agency is expensive and outside of your budget.

You need help. We have the solution!

Only crisis communications expert Gerard Braud (Jared Bro) offers this intensive 2-day crisis communications program that generates his exclusive, world-renowned Crisis Communications Plan, used around the world by corporations, non-profits and government agencies.

You provide your team of writers and Gerard Braud will provide you with the most amazingly designed crisis communication documents. You and your team of writers will customize your crisis communications plan under his personal supervision.

You’ll leave the workshop not with theory, but with a finished Crisis Communications Plan.

You could struggle on your own and after a year of work never create a Crisis Communications Plan that is this well thought out and perfect for every crisis. To date, more than 4,500 hours of development have gone into this plan.

You could hire an agency and spend more than $100,000 and not achieve the same level of success.

Want pricing information? Simply call us at 985-624-9976 for a customized price quote.

For one corporate price, you are invited to bring up to 6 writers to participate in the 2-day process of customizing your company’s new plan.

This isn’t touchy-feely collaboration. This is you and your team locked in a room for 2 days getting real work done without distractions.

This is going from your “to-do list” to your “done list.” This is going from “I wish we had” to “we did it.”

Size & Price Matter – Watch This Video to See What We Mean

Many organizations spend 6 months and $25,000 to $100,000 to create a six page plan that will fail them every time, which is the document on the left side of this photo. In just 2 days we create the Crisis Communications Plan you see on the right. It is 3 inches thick and full of everything you need to do and say in a crisis.

Invite a second company to join you and save $1,000 each.
Invite 3 or more companies to join you and save $2,000 each.

For full details, call Gerard Braud at 985-624-9976.

About Your Instructor

Known as the guy to call when “it” hits the fan, Gerard Braud (Jared Bro) is an expert in crisis communications and media issues. He is an international trainer, author and speaker, who has revolutionized crisis communications for organizations on 5 continents.

Versed in the daily struggles of corporations, non-profits and government agencies, Gerard developed this exclusive 2-day workshop as a remedy to cries of “We don’t have time to do it on our own” and “We can’t afford to hire an agency.”

Only Gerard Braud bridges the gap by offering an affordable alternative in a time frame that fits everyone’s schedule and budget.

What’s his secret? As a senior communicator with more than 30 years experience as a journalist and a corporate communicator, Gerard has been on the front line of crises his entire career. He has invested more than 1,500 hours of time into capturing the most perfect behaviors any communicator could dream of… and he’s put it into a sequential plan. It is a plan so thorough that nothing is left out, yet a plan so perfectly organized that it can be successfully executed by anyone who can read, regardless of their job title or communication experience.

What You Need to Bring

  • A laptop for each writer
  • 6 of your best writers
  • Specific documents you will be asked to prepare in advance.

For full details and answers to all of your questions, call 985-624-9976 or email

The Fine Print: Each Crisis Communications Plan is the intellectual property of Diversified Media, LLC, dba Gerard Braud Communications. As such, your organization is technically purchasing a license to use the plan. Your organization is granted rights to use the plan, but it remains the copyright product of Gerard Braud Communications. As such, you are prohibited from ever sharing your plan with anyone who is not an employee of your organization.