Crisis Communications Plan + Plus

You may already have a document called a crisis communication plan. So how does it stacks up against Gerard Braud’s (Jared Bro’s) Crisis Communications Plan + Plus?

Take this simple test:

  • Does it mandate communications in one hour or less?
  • Does it have a mechanism for gathering information quickly?
  • Does it have the names, numbers and complete contact information for your crisis team?
  • Have you identified 50-100 scenarios for which your plan might be used?
  • Does the plan contain a complete written communications templates for each of those 50-100 scenarios?
  • Does your plan have 50-100 news releases pre-approval for fast release?
  • Does your plan contain clear directives for news conferences?
  • Does it contain clear directives for communicating with employees?
  • Is your plan written in clear, sequential order?
  • Is your plan so simple, yet thorough, that anyone can pick it up and execute it, without formal public relations training?

The Crisis Communications Plan + Plus does all of this and more!

crisis communication plansBe wary of crisis communications plans that simply state standard operating procedure. They serve no purpose on the day of a crisis.

Be wary is the brevity of your plan. Is your plan 6-12 pages long? If so, it spells trouble.

Be wary of anything you downloaded for free when you searched for Free Crisis Communication Plan.

Click here and you can download the flawed crisis plan used by Virginia Tech on the day of their April 16, 2007 shooting. For two years prior to the Virginia Tech shooting I gave away copies of university crisis communications plans just like this that I found online, warning organizations that such crisis plans were “a recipe for disaster.” Sadly, I was right. I wish I wasn’t.

If your plan has some of the right stuff, but not all of the same components of the Crisis Communications Plan + Plus, what should you do?

The answer is simple — sign up for one of Gerard’s public workshops or invite him to your company for a custom program. Pricing is available by contacting Gerard. Travel and expenses are in addition to base pricing.

Get all the details by clicking here or contact Gerard Braud (Jared Bro) via email or call him directly at 985-624-9976.

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