Social Media and Crisis Communications

Is social media your friend or foe in a crisis?

The answer really depends upon the crisis, the type of organization you work for, and the preparations you’ve done on a clear sunny day to communicate effectively on your darkest day.

Crisis Communications expert Gerard Braud (Jared Bro) will guide you through a process of deciding what is the right fit for your company, government agency or non-profit. He’ll then lead you through an understanding of the core crisis communication principles you need to adopt on a clear sunny day, in order to communicate effectively in  a crisis.  In the afternoon, he’ll lead a hands-on demonstration of how to combine social media, the latest technology, plus your best media relations and crisis communications skills, in order to be a successful communicator in the future.

Whether you’re coping with a natural disaster or a human-caused crisis, the preparations you make before the crisis, the communications you make during the crisis, and the follow-up communications you do after the crisis makes all the difference in the world.

In this program you will learn:

• Critical steps you must take on a clear sunny day to be prepared for your worst day.

• How new technology and social media can make all the difference in the world by linking you directly to traditional media and your key audiences and stakeholders.

• Secrets to broadcasting live to the world when the crisis has left you in the dark.


9 – 10:30 a.m. – Social Media & Crisis Communications

10:45 a.m. -Noon – Secrets to Writing an Effective Crisis Communications Plan

1 – 3:00 p.m. – Combining Social Media & Technology for Critical Communications

(Bring your iPad, iPhone or the smart technology of your choice.)


About your trainer: With no electricity and seven feet of water in his yard during 2012’s Hurricane Isaac, Gerard Braud broadcast live reports to The Weather Channel and CNN for a week, keeping the world and his community informed about the crisis. His secret? The latest technology, great social media skills and tried-and-true crisis communication skills.

Since 1994, Gerard has shared his passion for effective communications with organizations on five continents, providing his unique approach to media training and his custom system for writing a complete crisis communications plan in just two days. Gerard also spent 15 years as an award-winning frontline journalist, with reports seen around the world on NBC, CBS, CNN, The Weather Channel and the BBC.

To book this program, call Gerard Braud at 985-624-9976 


Write Your Crisis Communications Plan Now

  • Create a Crisis Communications Plan to Address Every Crisis You Can Imagine
  • Create Your Own Crisis Communications Workshop or
  • Attend One of Our Crisis Communications Workshops

Two days of unprecedented learning

  • Learn to write a crisis communications plan
  • Improve your current crisis communications plan
  • Walk out with a new crisis communications plan READY TO USE!

Option 1 – Partner with two or more other organizations

  • Complete your entire crisis communications plan in two days
  • Up to three writers participate per organization
  • Call for base price  per organization**
  • Add a fourth writer for $995

Option 2 – Partner with one other organization

  • Complete your entire crisis communications plan in two days
  • Up to four writers participate per organization
  • Call for base price per organization**
  • Add a fourth writer for $995

Option 3 – Two private days just for your organization

  • Complete your entire crisis communications plan in two days
  • Up to six writers participate
  • Learn the strategies, psychology and tactics for a successful, functional crisis communications plan
  • Call for custom price**

Add a special half-day Vulnerability Assessment program before you begin writing your plan.  This program assembles a large group of managers and executives, allowing them to weigh in on what crisis scenarios and organizational vulnerabilities your crisis communications plan must address. Call for special discounted price for the extra half-day program.

You will receive your base license for Gerard’s exclusive Crisis Communications Plan + Plus, including guidance to help you customize your plan during the 2-day program.

To keep your plan constantly up-to-date, add Gerard’s Living License agreement, which provides you with all updates to the plan, 4 teleseminars per year, telephone and e-mail support and access to all white papers and articles written by Gerard Braud on crisis communications. You’ll receive $7,500 in benefits each year. Your annual living license fee is specially priced with a minimum 3 year commitment.

**All prices plus travel and expenses.


A successful crisis communications plan and strategy requires your plan to be a living plan. It must be adjusted constantly for:

  • New trends in communications (Cell phone photos, Twitter and Social Media are just some of those recent trends)
  • New communications tools (Mass text messaging was not available before 2006)
  • Changes in your personnel (Most communications employees change jobs every 3-5 years)
  • Rules of engagement based upon recent crises

The Living License protects you and makes your job easier. It allows us to provide you, your staff and your successors with continuing support and education about crisis communications, so they can perform flawlessly when needed.

When will Gerard host his next public workshop?

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If no workshops are on the calendar, Gerard will schedule one to meet your needs if you are willing to help recruit other organizations to share the day with you.

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